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Kaitlin Ramirez

Customer Service Representative

Kaitlin Ramirez

Kaitlin Ramirez

I am a producer and marketing director here at Kelley Insurance. What I love most about my job is the community first mentality. Helping clients thoroughly understand the coverage they have or need is my #1 goal and I come to work every morning with a drive to give back to our community through our Referral Program and outreach.

I grew up in Bellingham and since I did not want to leave this beautiful area, I graduated from Western Washington University where I got my BA studying Spanish. I love to travel and have spent some amazing time in Central America practicing Spanish, enjoying the food and meeting new people. My hobbies also include floral design, being the best auntie possible and hiking on sunny days.

Favorite Season: Spring!

Beverage of choice: Coffee forever.

Books or movies: Books before movies, they are always better.

Favorite inspirational quotes: “Be kind to one another!”-Ellen DeGeneres and “The most important thing about a person is what you don’t know.” -Barbara Kingsolver

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