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Umbrella Insurance

from Kelley Insurance Agency

Personal Umbrella Insurance for Washington Residents

You work hard to maintain a certain quality of life. Life in the Evergreen State comes with a multitude of blessings—beautiful mountains, lovely lakes, seaside holidays and recreational opportunities galore. You also play hard, and you deserve an insurance company that appreciates the lifestyle you enjoy here in Washington. At Kelley Insurance Agency, we know firsthand that life doesn’t always hand you the best of luck, and our mission is to help our friends, neighbors and customers navigate the unexpected.

One of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected is with a personal umbrella insurance policy. This type of insurance coverage offers things your primary policies exclude. For low monthly premiums you can get additional protection with policies beginning at $1 million.

What Is Personal Umbrella Coverage?

Every insurance policy comes with certain exceptions and limits. For example, your homeowners insurance might be enough to cover replacement of your belongings and your home in a fire. However, if a guest is severely injured in that fire, you could personally be held liable to pay medical bills that add up to thousands of dollars over your homeowners insurance limits. As another example, if you hit a brand new Maserati, your auto liability coverage might not be enough to cover the damages. An umbrella policy picks up when other insurance coverage drops off, saving you money and perhaps even preventing costly legal action.

Broad Coverage for Your Life

Umbrella insurance picks up when other limits have been met. Additionally, this type of insurance coverage can help when other insurance policies have exceptions. Some umbrella policies will help in the instance of excepted pet liability cases. Some will pay for flood damage and other disasters that are generally excluded by standard homeowners coverage. Your Kelley Insurance Agency agent can help you determine what coverage you need and what a custom umbrella policy can do for you.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to consider how much additional insurance coverage you need. Call 360-966-3732 to schedule your free consultation.