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Life Insurance

from Kelley Insurance Agency

Life Insurance for Washington State Residents

Everyone needs life insurance. The bad news is that most Americans are underinsured when it comes to this type of coverage. The good news is that Kelley Insurance Agency specializes in helping Washington residents find insurance policies tailored to individual circumstances. We work with young single professionals, middle-aged adults, empty nesters and retirees. We also understand that personal needs vary throughout your lifetime, and our established insurance professionals are here to help you navigate life’s changes.

Coverage for the Expected and the Unexpected

Life insurance is a way to provide for your family. Even a young college graduate will have end-of-life expenses that fall to the family in the event of an untimely death. If you have young children, aging parents or a mortgage, your life insurance needs are even greater.

Coverage You Can Understand

At Kelley Insurance Agency, we know that technical terms sound scary. Don’t let phrases such as “term life,” “whole life” and “universal life” intimidate you. Our insurance professionals enjoy educating customers. We’ll explain life insurance coverage to you in easy-to-understand conversation. If you have questions, we’ll take the time to answer. As an independent insurance agency, our job is to work for you, our clients, and we take that job seriously.

Coverage and Rate Reviews

Life insurance and your needs change over time. Kelley Insurance Agency provides regular rate reviews for each customer in order to make sure you have the coverage you need to protect your family’s future. While regularly scheduled rate reviews help, it’s also a good idea to review your life insurance coverage any time

  • You have a change in marital status
  • You add a member to your family
  • You or your spouse changes jobs
  • You or your spouse starts or significantly grows a business
  • You take on primary responsibility for a disabled or aging family member
  • You have a significant change in household income
  • A child leaves for college
  • You or your spouse becomes disabled

Nothing in life is certain. Navigating through the storms of life takes proper preparation. Let Kelley Insurance Agency help you with a customized life insurance policy for you and your spouse. Call 360-966-3732 for details.